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Celebrating Quilters at Local Library in Mini-Exhibition

It's been a week of a lot of quilt chatter from me. Today is the last one in a "series," if you will. None of it was intentional; it was how the cookie fabric was cut this week in the quilting sphere.

My head is swimming with NeedleOnFull work (YAY!), but in the back of my mind, I remembered from a recent guild Zoom meeting that the Odenton, Maryland, Regional Library was planning on a Community Quilt Exhibit. Southern Comforters Guild-mates Barbara Dahlberg and Peggy Alexander had already taken a few quilts to the library last week. On Monday, I dug around my sewing room for the size requirements in quilts that could hang in the show—smaller sizes, around 40"60." On Tuesday's blog, I shared that I took Loo-C-Loo and the Kathy and Me quilt over to the library the day before, much to the delight of the staff when I turned them in.

I then asked how their numbers were going for the exhibition, and they replied they could use several more. On Tuesday late afternoon, I made a run to the library and added three more quilts to the mix.

The curator of the show, Kristi, was grateful for all the quilts delivered to her in the past couple of weeks that are now hanging in her inaugural exhibition. Today, she held a reception for the quilters and community. I couldn't believe the line before the doors opened at 3:00 pm to see what was inside the large meeting space room. Kristi did an excellent job in hanging most all of the quilts inside the big room, with a few outside in the main hallway. That's where Loo-C-Loo is hanging (right before going into the Children's Section).

I'm grateful that our SoCo Quilt Guild and the O'Malley Senior Center Quilters were well represented with close to 30 quilts. I am also happy that Librarian Kristi thought enough of quilting arts, acknowledging the time and effort that goes into making one, and then to celebrate them with a larger community. Over the next month, Kristi will bring value to many people interested in the art of quilting or the fiber arts just by glancing inside the gallery. The Odenton Library even has sewing machines and programs to help beginners learn everything about turning one on, threading a needle, and stitching a small project. Home Ec comes to the library!

If local, please consider taking a ride to Odenton Library and check out the Quilt Exhibit - these are not your grandmother's quilts!



Photos: 1) L-R - Kathy Henry (she is an art quilter and her Heron Quilt is below), me, Barbara Dahlberg, and Librarian and curator of the show, Krisit; 2) Quilt Exhibition signage; 3) me with Loo-C-Loo; 4) Peggy Alexander with her two quilts - Storm at Sea (blue and red) and Third Time's the Charm (yellow/black/blue/white "y"); 5) Barbara Dahlberg's Summer Ikebana; 6) Barbara's Kiji in Paradise; 7) Sharon Sands-Gregory's Aurora Borealis; 8) me with four of my quilts, and 9) Heron.


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