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Bringing Attention to Overlooked Errors: Reviving Fixed and Forgotten Elements in Previous Posts

Every so often, I need to fix, repair, amend, change, or add to a previous blog post. It could be one word that someone reached out to me to consider adding or subtracting. Since I use spell-check, I'm hoping misspelled words are in the rearview mirror (that's pretty much all writing nowadays with most programs (Word/Google Docs, etc.).

Then...I forget stuff while writing - as my mind could be racing onto the next thing. Hubby Bill pleads with me to sloooow down on occasion. I need to heed that advice! Maybe this is the year to slow down a bit.

In yesterday's post, I wanted to include a quote by Dr. King. While writing it up last night, I completely forgot to include it. When I was at my bathroom sink this morning, there was the quote I forgot to insert. Never fear; I already updated that post.

In another post about #CelebratingOthers with guest blogger Julie Rains, who shared information about upcoming authors and their books, I forgot to include our friend Kira Higgs' podcast, The Void Project. My thought is while we are still at the beginning of the new year mode, I thought I'd mention Kira's project once again. It can't hurt since I know it's a worthwhile listen-to.

From Buzzsprout on the Void Project: What if our possessions are actually a distraction, covering up things we'd rather not see? And what happens when we let go of much of that stuff? The Void Project shares personal stories about real journeys of discovery. We talk with people who pared down. They share their experiences, the lessons they learned, and some of the wonders that resulted. Without glossing over the bumpy bits. Ten lives. Ten conversations. Ten people who did if for themselves or for others.

Kira is an excellent hostess. Her soothing voice and thoughtful questions shine brightly on her guests and the answers they provide to the listener. There are only 10 episodes with one bonus. I thoroughly enjoyed each guest's take on The Void.

Lastly, if you think I posted once before, I sure did. Sometimes, when things are posted, they don't resonate or are missed. And sometimes, when it comes around again, we might be ready.

Oh, I promise one last thing. I mentioned in a post last month that I ate chocolate chip cookies for an entire year—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is true, but during that same year, I also ate other foods...just saying.



Photo credit: Unsplash - Jonathan Farber


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