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Books are NOT Dead!

It's summer, glorious summer! Does that mean we can get engrossed in a good book, or two or three? I certainly hope so. Beach reading. Cabin reading. Backyard reading in a comfortable Adirondack chair. What book is on your nightstand? Or in your purse or backpack?

This morning, once I finished my swim at my local pool, I had limited time to sit poolside like I usually do and read. I tend to dry off a bit before I continue with the rest of my day, and reading a chapter or two affords me the time, so I’m not entering my car soaking wet. And yes, I do use a towel! Ha!

But as I was drying off for a bit, I looked around the deck and noticed there were many faces of all ages with their noses stuck in a book. I was tickled to see that books are a large part of summer reading after so many naysayers back in the early 2000s said that the paperback and hardbacks would be dead in 25 years. I don’t think that is the case any longer.

Ebooks, of course, are ubiquitous. I do not believe that will change. Years ago, a young lady the same age as my daughter voraciously read books poolside on her teeny tiny black phone. Most of the time, I never saw her sit in a chair. Instead, she was lying flat on her lounge chair, reading a book on her phone and using her phone to block the intense rays of sun shining down on her.

Usually, that type of reading is done on a larger device - a kindle or iPad, not a super tiny cell phone screen, just saying.

Today, though, I did not see one pool member on an electronic device - assuming to read - not texting someone. I counted up over a dozen folks reading paperbacks and hardbacks - including the lifeguards - after their shifts on their perch, of course.

Based on the recognizance this morning, I think it’s full steam ahead for every reader engaged in a good book.

Cheers to books! Cheers to readers who read books!



The books I bought this summer; some new, some used. All will be loved and read!


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