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Beep Beep!

When a friend asked me recently how my second book was coming along, I became sheepish. Knowing what I know from The Focused Fight (first book), there is quite a lot of work ahead for me to finish (working title) Joy Ride Journeys. Time, ahh, we all have the same amount in a day, but I need several days, if not a week or two, strung together to do what needs to be done to finally push that publish button once again.

But not so fast; a woman in my writing group mentioned a car fact she did not know about and then explored it a bit. When she tagged my name to her post, I, too, went down the rabbit hole to learn more about the first person ever to go on a road trip - spending a couple of hours in research that must reach my book.

Lizard brain hit me hard over the summer because I used the "excuse" of extensive travel as the reason I wasn't writing/working on the book. But those fond travel days are memories now, and the real work has already started - today. Writing this post should give me accountability in zooming forward.

Beep! Beep!




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