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Authors On Mic - I'll be Joining in on the Fun on March 5, 2024!

One of the groups I am in with Purple Space (where I write daily besides this blog) is the Coral group. The group is working hard to make Author-On-Mic a valuable tool for all writers in two platforms (no-finished book needed, either!). They’ve even established a YouTube channel to accompany this worthwhile mission. Several people have used their knowledge and know-how along with the rest of the Corals to bring a few (5) minute readings to the “masses” in a 30-minute time slot. Not too shabby to get a flavor of someone’s work.

What is truly fun is the different genres on any given episode. Non-fiction/Fiction/Memoir/and the list goes on. Right now, the taping (you can watch live on Zoom!) of each episode is twice a month. I am honored to be a part of tomorrow’s AOM. Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 8:00 PM ET.

I like being in the infancy part (ground floor) of a bigger mission. Working out the kinks, the logistics, the uncertainty, and the flavor of it are all a part of (hopefully) morphing into a larger platform.

My (5) minutes will fly by, I'm certain of it. I plan to read a short chapter of The Focused Fight. It has been great to "practice" in the last couple of days, and I am looking forward to the Zoom call tomorrow. Please click on the Pink Zoom link to take you there!

I'd love some support if you can make it! Thank YOU!



photo credit: unsplash - robinson recalde



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