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And...the Winner of the 2023 Christmas Raffle Quilt is...

Kimberly Kocan! She is the Big Winner tonight!

Congratulations to my sister Kimberly on winning the 2023 96 Charm Quilt! Although Kim won the quilt, we are all winners in helping families battle childhood cancer this holiday season. The $1600 raised will provide much-needed (immediate) financial assistance through and — both organizations have financial assistance programs.

Hubby Bill video-taped the excitement, and Ryan did the honors of spinning the wheel. You can watch it here:

I am so proud of my community for donating $ to buy chances and spreading good cheer across the nation and internationally, too! 623 chances were crammed onto the wheel (it can host up to 1000 names!).

Collectively, we are Manufacturing Sunshine for some good folks with a tough situation on their hands at the moment. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your contributions and sending a positive thought or two along the way. We are making a difference together. My Christmas wish came true!

Happy Holidays!



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