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A Great Night with Crofton, Maryland Kiwanis

My speaking engagement with the local Kiwanis went well. I was excited all day for the 7 PM kick-off of the meeting. The 20-minute time frame I had to speak went by too fast, but I was able to hit the points I wanted to make (I made a two-page hit list that was an excellent feature to have!). The last 10 minutes were for Q &A, with a few good questions thrown in the mix to round out the half-hour.

I felt well-prepared and spoke conversationally. My goal was to talk about how to unite people in crisis through the power of the community. The Kiwanis and their mission (which aligns with my goal quite remarkably) are to serve one child, one community at a time. My entire mission for The Focused Fight is to reach one person/one family at a time. I think I tied that all together quite nicely.

It was an honor to be a part of their in-person meeting. Dusting off live-speaking chops was the icing on the cake, though it was not perfect by any means. I initially gave a brief synopsis of the book and read one passage, which I thought was critical in setting the tone for the rest of my time. I ended by sharing my thoughts on never underestimating the power of a chocolate chip cookie or a hand-written note or card. That got some chuckles and heads nodding in the affirmative. It's an easy way to #helpothers near and far.

A big SHOUT of THANKS to Susan Harvey, a Crofton Kiwanis Board member and neighbor who invited me to speak to her group last summer. Due to Covid and other circumstances regarding zoom meetings and in-person meetings, my time to talk to this thoughtful group finally arrived yesterday. Hubby Bill came to help me set up and take some photos and videos of the night, much to my delight.

PS The bowl of clementines was to represent sunshine in your pocket - or a play on manufacturing sunshine when the chips are down.



Photo #2 is Susan Harvey and me


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