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Wrapped in Warmth: Customer Spotlight on the Joyful Quilting Experience with NeedleOnFull

January was a busy month for NeedleOnFull. I sewed and quilted almost every single day, and I am grateful for each and every T-shirt quilt and Long-Arming job that came my way. Most of my T-shirt quilt business is W.O.M. (Word of Mouth) coupled with repeat business as well. Interestingly, I've started to get people randomly looking for a local T-shirt quilt maker, and they find me on the web, which I am also thrilled about (Thanks, Bo, for helping me with my website!).

I love creating treasured keepsakes for my customers and am inspired by the stories they share through their shirts, jerseys, and other clothing. So far, I've created many quilts for people in over a dozen states.

Last week, I sent a quilt out to a midwestern state and was graced with photos from my customer with her son (the intended recipient) showing off his quilt. I was over the moon that he likes it and looks quite dapper wrapped up in it, I must say.

The best part of the project is when the recipient is also over the moon with their memories - now at their fingertips for many years to come. Joy for all!




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