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World Cup Showdown

Billions around the world are tuned into the "beautiful game." I am/we are a part of witnessing the competition, the pageantry, and the showpiece of Lionel Messi of Argentina and the wunderkind Kylian Mbappé of France.

Messi has won every single soccer award on Earth, but never hoisted a World Cup trophy. At 23 years old, Mbappé is vying for his second consecutive World Cup Championship.

As I write this post, the game is in the 27th minute. Argentina is up 1-0 with a Messi penalty kick winner. He is arguably the best player that ever played this game.

I'm glued to the TV of every second of action. And let's give it up for the Polish center referee!

I love the passion from the players, their coaches and fans all over the globe. And even though these World Cup games are fast and furious, it gives me the inspiration to referee my games for the youth of the state of Maryland.

I'm leaning towards an Argentine win for Messi and Co., but May the best team win!!

...and it's now 2-0 Argentina as I finish my post!!!!!!




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