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Wordle in One!

Are you a fan of Wordle? It is the once-a-day word scramble/puzzle. I love it!

Yesterday, I got it in ONE try - not using my usual start word! I wanted to post the "win" last night but knew people may not get to it until later in the day or close to midnight. That's what happened to me once, I knew the word of the day, but to continue my streak, ahem, I had to use the word I already knew and, of course, got it in one. A cheat, sort of.

Here is what Google says: Wordle is a vocabulary game in which players get six tries to deduce a word of the day. Everyone gets the same word each day, and the game can only be played once per day. After each session, players can share their results on social media using emoji corresponding to the game board.

Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle. It was bought by the New York Times Company in 2022, which has since maintained and published it.

If you play every day, enjoy it! If you haven't, maybe give it a try. It's only once a day and is not a time suck - maybe 5 minutes. Check the app store you use and find the FREE Wordle game!



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