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Whirlwind CLE Weekend - Part 2

I'm still on a high from this past weekend. It feels good to live in the moment, celebrate, and be present with the people I love most (though missing Bill - please continue reading to find out where Bill was in all the festivities).

Reality is back right quick this Monday morning as I glance at my calendar. I am blessed with a lot of "work," and I'm up to my elbows in T-shirt quilts. YAY! I'm genuinely thankful for all the opportunities to create one-of-a-kind treasured keepsakes. As I write or quilt today, I can tell already that I'll be reminiscing on this glorious weekend.

Not only did I enjoy a great birthday party for Mrs. Pav, turning 100 years old, with my baby sister Annette, my travel mate Ryan and I stayed with my sister Kimberly, who was also hosting my daughter Olivia and her hubby, Bo, plus her three boys and their fiances and girlfriend. It was a packed house! Bill was in Ohio with his twin, Don, but down in Athens for Ohio University's homecoming celebrations. His blood runs bobcat green, in case anyone is wondering…

But this was the weekend the weather took that final turn to autumn, at least in Cleveland. Rain and a mix of sunshine and temps in the 30s at night. Yikes! Their leaves were turning, and a riot of color was everywhere we turned our heads.

My son-in-law, Bo, has never been to Cleveland, Ohio, so my sister drew up an itinerary to showcase the city and what it offers its citizens. She did not disappoint. Homecooked meals were mixed with delightful meals from downtown Cleveland's cool restaurants, the Rock-n-Roll Museum, and notable landmarks like the Cleveland Arcade and Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Ohio. Board games and card games took over the evenings, with almost everyone participating in one game or another. It was a whirlwind of activities from Friday to Sunday morning - battling the crazy cool temperatures, rain, then blinding sun, and wrestling a place in the chow line due to a packed house of a dozen people!

I'd say laughter and BIG FUN, another good medicine (I am not kidding), reigned supreme

the entire weekend. That boosts anyone's mood no matter what!

A shout of BIG THANKS to Kimberly and her hubby Jerry for hosting AutumnFest, Kocan style, in the CLE.




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