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Weekend Fun with Ohio Family in Town

It is a special time when busy families can get together - especially this weekend. My sister Kimberly and her husband Jerry and family came, but only one nephew out of three could make the trip (with his girlfriend, Shana).

We ate Chinese food, danced, played games, and watched World Cup and a movie. It was a fun time for all. Oh, and I raffled off my first 96 Christmas Charm quilt with soft fleece old-fashioned Santas on the back to anyone who was in the house yesterday - all monies collected would be matched by yours truly and donated to The Just Tryan It Foundation to help cancer kids and their families pay outstanding bills.

Collectively, due to a couple of matches (unexpected), we raised $800! Winner winner, Shana, is on the right side of the quilt! She is ecstatic about her big win. I am thrilled for her; she will use it for years to come during the holidays.

Since my initiative went so well with less than a dozen people, I plan on holding a contest beginning on December 1st for another 96 Christmas Charm Quilt. I will post it on my blog soon with further instructions. I will NOT add the post to social media, it will be only open to my blog subscribers. Please stay tuned!




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