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Village to Village

It was a delightful idea that a few of my bee mates here on retreat decided to cross-pollinate and take a stroll over to the other sewing village located in the old dining hall. Their building is next door to ours -about 50 ft. at most.

We knew several of the ladies there because a few of them our also our guild members. It's always a treat to see them and what they are working on. A visual show-n-tell with quilts hanging on the walls with blocks and parts of quilts near their work stations.

And then we met a firecracker of a quilter, a New Jersey gal with a think NY accent that wowed us with her quilts, Teresa Fusco. We all became fast friends. Teresa wowed us with her Kaffe (and other designers) fabric choices with accompanying colors she showcases in her designs.

Sew, we finished the oohs-and awes and invited anyone interested to swing by our place to reveal our stuff and our village blocks to go with our theme: It Takes a Village.

Full circle moment with Village to Village cross-pollination.

For more info on Teresa (she is on the left with Janet Freitag on the right) see below:




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