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The Mayhem of March Madness

Did you fill out a bracket for the 2023 March Madness?

College Hoops at their finest started today. Everybody loves this time of year to watch the crazy match-ups that may result in upsets. A few today already created mayhem for some of the favorites.

This morning, I read an article that people who don't even follow any sports, namely basketball, are glued to the TV for these early fast-paced rounds. Many draft their brackets to follow along a little more closely - winning money or not - to play. I filled mine out at 7:20 am, well before the first game.

Don't laugh; I only remember picking Kentucky to hoist the NCAA trophy in two weeks. When I do tune into a game, it's usually fast and furious until the last five minutes. Then the game is slowed down so much that it takes at least 20 minutes to play with only 47 seconds left on the clock. What is up with that?

Here are some of my favorite basketball phrases; I'm dusting them off for the tourney: Airball, Alley-oop, Fast Break, Swissshhhh, Slam Dunk, Fadeaway, Ball Hog, Granny Shot, Chucker, Wedgie, and my fav of all favs: Going Hard in the Paint!

Ahh, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat (and the end of the season for the losers).

May the best team win!



unsplash - photo by Tom Briskey

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