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The Bobbin (Not to be confused with a Gobblin)!

The Bobbin and the Bobbin Case

No matter the cost, brand, or condition, a sewing machine will NOT work without a bobbin or a bobbin case. It’s like a car with only three wheels instead of four.

A bobbin is a small spool of thread that sits at the bottom of your sewing machine, assisting the upper thread by making stitches on the bottom side of the fabric. It helps hold the seams together with at least two pieces of fabric. Most bobbins also need a bobbin case. If the case is broken, the stitches will not grab the upper thread, so the seam does not hold.

While humming along with my machine this weekend, I began noticing that my bobbin was loose while in the bobbin case and had uneven stitches. I knew something was not right. I re-thread my upper spool, cleaned out the bobbin case area, and tried stitching on a scrap piece of fabric to no avail. The machine was not in proper working condition.

Luckily, my bee-mate, Debbi, who sat across from me during the retreat, had a similar model machine as I did. I asked to look at her bobbin and its case because it was the same as what was in my machine. After troubleshooting, we realized that my bobbin case was broken. Apparently, they wear out just as other parts of the machines do (I bought this machine pre-owned several years ago).

Not to fear. I looked up my machine’s bobbin case on the internet and could order a replacement for about $30 with arrival in a day or two. I then called a local quilt shop that sold my machine (an older model) and asked if they sold parts for my Viking SE - like a new bobbin case!

They did!

They had it in stock!

It was $28! And sold over the phone!

I was back in business in a couple of hours because another bee-mate had to go home and let out her new puppy who lives near the shop. She was kind to swing by to pick up my purchase. Hey, I had Christmas quilt tops to sew and finish.

I’m thrilled it all worked out seamingly well!




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