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Thanksgiving 2023

When son Ryan meets a new doctor, they ask the obligatory questions about drug/alcohol usage and whether or not he smokes. If I'm in the appointment, the two of us begin to giggle because I know where he is going. Ryan then typically responds with, "only on the grill or smoker," to even more giggles from us. The staff member or doc may scratch their head until the lightbulb illuminates, then we all have a good chuckle.

And Ryan is not kidding about smoking! He smoked an amazing six pound turkey breast that was delicious. Today we only had four of us to celebrate the two and a half century holiday, but we were thankful to be together (with my baby sister, Annette). Tomorrow the rest of the family will be on their way to Crofton and the celebration will continue.

My wish is everyone is still safe and celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones; friends too.

As my friend Marilyn Eichner said in a text to me and several others this morning;

I give thanks for my friends, for connection and laughter, for comfort and strength, for encouragement and unity, for forgiveness and grace, for celebration and joy. They are so many things to me, such a rich tapestry of blessings, woven through my life. Thank you. Amen. Marilyn

Amen from me too. Well said, ME!




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