• Terri Tomoff

Spectacular Sunset!

Who doesn't love a great sunset, the kind of streaks of orange, yellow, and dark pink against a fading blue sky? While raising awareness of Childhood Cancer during the month of September, I was remiss in sharing some other things that happened during that month that were pretty spectacular - like a glorious setting sun on 9/29/22. It, frankly, took my breath away. Many of the "good" ones do.

The iPhone photos were good enough on a couple of snaps; no need to enhance a thing. Why mess with Mother Nature?

This month's cool shorter days yet longer shadows have not given way to anything close to a blue-ribbon sunset of late. I'll keep looking every night (except, of course, on rainy days).


Autumn sunsets here

Oranges, pinks, and yellows

Evening skies drama



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