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Solo Summer Swimmer ☀️

It's a rare occasion that I could swim laps in a large community pool that serves 500 families in the Triangle of Crofton, Maryland, all by myself! That NEVER happens until it did. We have a high dive, low dive, swim lessons, swim team, and dive team. That's a lot of people to service all summer long, and there is always more than one person in the drink.

So, a couple of days ago, while swimming about a 1000 M, I looked up and noticed not one other person was in the pool - there were no waves like I'm used to when the kids perform cannonballs off the high dive. Odd, I thought, the water is so calm. Hubby Bill was relaxing not too far from the lane line, so I stopped for a second to ask him if he wouldn't mind taking a photo of the stark contrast of one swimmer in this huge pool.

He obliged.

I continued the mindful freestyle strokes and kicked my feet to move just a little faster through the water. And that refreshing and tantalizing. I cannot go to the pool without getting in and enjoying this delectable part of summer. I love the bubbles I create when each arm enters the water. I love how the water feels on my head/hair, and face (I don't wear a swim cap for this reason) for four or five strokes before lifting my head for a breath. And I love how good my body feels as it glides from one side of the pool to the other for many, many laps if my body does not start cramping (foot/hamstring/calf).

If you have the chance to swim in a pool, lake, or ocean, please dive in and take advantage of the warm water! Summer's Here, and I'm for That! (James Taylor). It will be here until September 23rd, so there is still plenty of time to do some poolside/lakeside or oceanside reading if you are not interested in swimming.




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