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While most of the world watched the coronation of King Charles in the UK, I was immersing myself in Polish history from the shipyards of Gdańsk. First was a tour through the streets of Old Town with an interpreter guide, and then a visit to two museums.

The first museum was the Museum of the Second World War, and very sobering, since the country and many of its people were killed and exterminated. The second museum was Stocznia - The Shipyard and the story of how communism fell in 1989, led by Lech Walesa and the ship workers solidarity movement.

The whole day was profound, powerful, and impactful. I wonder if Chuck over in the UK would be King today if communism ran rampant throughout Europe after the war ended.

I’m thinking once my suitcase is unpacked when I get home, there is even more to unpack with my thoughts and where I/we all stand in an ever changing world. My intention is to write more about my experiences here in Poland, and how the Polish people continue to be resilient through trials that were never started by them; most recently with taking in Ukrainian refugees from a war started by another country.

A special but long day, so please forgive me if I missed something. My family has been great and the hospitality off the charts!!




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