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Sneak Peek - Quilt Raffle 2023

It was so fun last year to raffle off not only one but two 96 Charm Quilts to raise funds for newly diagnosed childhood cancer families in November/December. I am going to do it again this season. However, I have only one quilt this year since I ran out of time to do two. The start of this year's raffle is a bit early (by a few days), so the winner can enjoy part of this season with their new quilt or wrap it up to give to a loved one!

I will use almost the same format as last year: Venmo me @Terri_Tomoff your desired amount or send me a check to 1882 Harcourt Avenue, Crofton, MD 21114. I will put all the chances on the corresponding amount donated to the Wheel of Names, the same as last year.


$5 - 1 chance

$10 - 3 chances

$20 - 7 chances

$40 - 15 chances

$50 - 20 chances

All proceeds will be dedicated to family financial emergency relief through Just Tryan It and It doesn't seem that long ago that we were also in that unstable and frightening time when Ryan was diagnosed at two years old, and Olivia was four.

Here is a sneak peek for this year's quilt: That is my finger as I worked on the binding last week. The quilt is now finished and will look great in anyone's home! I will reveal the finished quilt tomorrow for the 'official kickoff.' The raffle will commence on Thursday, December 7, 2023, with a winner selected that evening.

Please consider a chance or more.

Thank you so much! Together, we will Manufacture some Sunshine and hopefully make a difference for families that can use the financial help during the holidays.




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