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Shana's Sweet Quilt - Dog Bob is Not Included!

I'm still putting the finishing touches on the 96 Christmas Charm Quilt that will be "raffled" off in the first part of December. All proceeds will be donated to the Just Tryan It Foundation They provide financial assistance to a child (family) in treatment fighting pediatric cancers. And because Ryan and our family were supported by many people along our cancer journey with an outpouring of unbelievable kindness, we will spend the rest of our lives giving back - even in small ways like a Christmas quilt raffle.

For a while, I wanted to use my quiltmaking skills and spread Christmas cheer while giving back to a worthwhile endeavor. You, my readers, a generous community of beautiful souls, can help me in this mission to #helpothers.

Similar to what I did at Thanksgiving, I'll accept donations via Venmo or check. Chances are $5 each. Sew, a donation of $20 would yield 4 chances. If interested and want to be involved but do not use Venmo and instead would like to write a check, please reach out to me:

Please stay tuned: I will reveal the quilt and my Venmo handle in the next couple of days.

Thank you for considering being a part of this event! Do you feel the Christmas spirit? I do as one of Santa's elves.



The photo below is by Shana, who was the lucky Thanksgiving quilt winner. Doesn't this quilt look festive on her bed?


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