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Scrappy Swapper Snowballs

Snowball fight, anyone? Nah! But I know there are snowy locations around the USA, so beware of a snowball coming your way!

My quilt photo below is the quilt I finished today after a year of swapping blocks with eleven other swappers in 2021-2022. My easy pattern was a 6" scrap "snowball" block (each gal made 4 of them for me). I still needed to make extra blocks, sew I could turn them into a nice-sized quilt. Most of the same swappers decided to swap again in 2022-2023. We are almost done with the past 12 months of swapping and are in the planning stages for a third year.

We have swappers in three states, Maryland, Florida in Arizona. The organization on how we swap (in partners who live near us until we swap with another set of partners) is now a well-oiled machine. I've yet to get my ziplock baggie of blocks, but I will soon (they are all done). I can't wait to see them all!

At our next swappers retreat, different from our guild retreat, I plan on working and creating more blocks from the pattern I chose this past year. Adding more blocks to make it larger is just what it needs.

But first, the Scrappy Snowball Quilt:





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