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Road to HĀNA


Road to Hana


A Jungle Passthrough on 4-wheels.

44 miles (our distance from Hale Akua)

56 bridges

617 curves!!! (I wonder how many accidents occur around all those curves and too fast drivers on the other side of the road.)

The iconic road trip to Hāna never disappoints. In 2019, my family and I probably drove about half of it, and it was glorious that time in early December. Fast forward to today, almost four years later, and it was alive and jungle-ly and just as amazing as I remember.

The Road never disappoints. All senses were on high alert, especially the eyes reaching as far as they could see the sweeping views of the deep blue sea, waterfalls, flora, and overgrown fauna the whole way up. If you've been, you know what I speak. It's beauty overload, but I'll take it every chance I can.

Our reward for the no-traffic (or very little) on barely a two-way "highway" was a tiny black sand beach at the end (E Komo Mai - Hāna Beach Park), where we swam and snorkeled while noticing two local ladies in the drink as well, floating on their backs for at least two hours. Only (4) tourists found the place beside us but sat on the beach in Tommy Bahama chairs, probably from their rental, in shorts and t-shirts for less than an hour.

The Pacific was our pool for the afternoon with tiny waves if you could call them that. It was truly a glorious day with a gentle breeze and a warm day to partake in paradise!

Forever thankful for this opportunity - though no turtle sightings...sigh...




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