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Request, Please, for a Quick Vote for The Uplifter's Podcast

When I was a guest on Aransas Savas's Uplifters podcast on July 7, 2023, I learned what a great woman she is in uplifting so many people who tune into her weekly programs. So when she put out the ask today requesting votes for an upcoming award, I was on all-in, like Jeopardy's James Holzhouer on a daily double.

Here is her message sent out this morning to her first 28 guests, of which I was one:

If you follow me on social or read our newsletter often, you've probably heard that The Uplifters Podcast has been named a finalist in the Signal Podcast Awards!

Once you click the above link, it will take you to the page with the Uplifters and two other podcasts in the running for her category. Please click the first one - The Uplifters.

In addition to the judges panel, we are up for a Listener’s Choice Award for Most Inspiring Podcast! Could you please lift up our show by taking a quick second to vote for us and asking your audiences/fans/followers to vote for us as well?

Voting is open until Thursday, October 5.

Winning these awards could really help us reach more of the people who most need to hear your incredible stories!

I've attached a graphic in case that's helpful.

Whether we win or lose this award, you've certainly made me feel like a BIG winner. Talking to all of you this year has inspired and fortified me in ways I never could've imagined. Next time I reach out to you all at once, I hope it's to congratulate us all on winning a Signal Podcast Award. I promise to wear a hot pink dress to receive it on our behalf.

Let's keep rising higher, together,


I hope my blog readers will take 30 seconds to click on the above link and vote. Kindness rules!



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