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Quilters Unite in Daytona!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Our gang includes two gals from Arizona, two gals from Maryland, and one from Florida. They all equal a rocking good here at the Daytona Beach Quilt Show. I’m in the excellent company of award-winning fiber artists and thrilled to be in their orbit. Not only are they fabulous quilters and sewists, but they are also prolific knitters (not me). I am delighted to be in their presence.

Every one of them inspires me to stretch my skills and think outside of the proverbial box. We not only share thoughts and ideas about patterns, fabrics and layouts of various quilts we are all working on, we also have caught up on each others’ lives in the midst of it all. Now that is something good!

The days are going by like a New York minute.

And...I got a long solo walk on the beach this morning! I've got a great video I'll share later this week with "The Meeting of the Minds."



L-R: Deb Johnson, Carrie Casto, Susie Stevenson, Mary Nielsen and me


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