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Paris/Saint-Félix-de-Pallières 2024

In January, I asked if folks were planning to travel in 2024. Hubby Bill and I are excited about our second writer's retreat in May with Diane Osgood and Cindy Villanueva to St. Félix de Pallières (South of France near Nîmes or Aix). We will also be joined by 15 other writers from people we have met around the globe in our various writing groups dating back to June 2020 (including several who were at the same writer's retreat in April 2023 and coming back again as well).

When flying over the pond, I like to maximize my time there—even extending it a bit for an ambitious trip abroad. Since Bill is only interested in the retreat, my wonderful friend and travel companion Linda Misencik (remember our busted trip from Annapolis to Anchorage!?) is interested in Paris and will accompany me for the first week in France. We plan to explore more of Paris and add some things I did and did not see last year. I'm thankful we are going in the spring because the prices in France are quadrupling (pretty much everywhere) this summer for the Paris Olympics.

One thing I cannot get enough of seeing is the impressive Eiffel Tower. For me, the Eiffel Tower is like the Chrysler Building in NYC—I know where I am in the city depending on where those iconic buildings are located in my view. The City of Light will be just that - unbelievable light that is difficult to describe, perhaps in writing, though hundreds of famous (and not so famous) Impressionist artists have beautifully articulated"the light with paint and brush to the delight of millions around the globe who appreciate that nuance -light. I certainly do (if it's not raining, of course).

There is so much Art, so much History, and so many Cafes and French Wines to keep anyone entertained for weeks on end, but alas, only a week for us. We will march through the city like Napoleon's troops, only seizing the moments and sites along our daily journeys.

As I think, plan, and wonder about the lovely journey ahead, I may also deliberate the most about how many pairs of shoes I "need" to take in my carry-on suitcase.

And that ain't no April Fool's joke, either.




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