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Paris, Nîmes, St. Felix de Palliere and Kelleys Island, Ohio

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind of travel, activities and adventures to the above places. No moss is growing under my feet, in a good way. I’m grateful to travel, see new places , and experience cultures I’ve come to love and admire.

When I arrived home on 5/17 from France, I knew I would be stretching myself to finish a Tshirt Quilt (promised to my client), between the two trips. I’m thankful for finishing the promised quilt, and then repacked my suitcase for Kelleys Island for our annual vacation culminating with the 10k/5k race on June 2nd.

The lights, camera, action from the hustle of international travel to the laid back island life makes me smile. They are two totally different things, yet I have a strong sense I belong in both worlds. I’m sure I’m not alone to enjoy the hustle and bustle, yet can enjoy the lake life and its slowed down atmosphere.

I think my mind is ready to explode with the thoughts and feelings I’ve curated over the past few weeks - all good stuff, too. I’m grateful for each blessing, and taking advantage of opportunities that have come my way.



A smattering of photos from the post heading:

  1. This morning on KI

  2. Nice view of a calm Lake Erie

  3. Last dinner at the Chateau in St. Felix

  4. Sauve - medieval town with skinny streets and a large number of artists

  5. The “family” photo of the retreat for writers

  6. The grotto pool I swam laps in each morning

  7. A day trip with Katy Dalgleish to Avignon (Popes Palace in the 1300s)

  8. Linda Misencik and I in the Hall of Mirrors- Versailles

  9. Outside of the famous art supply shop in the Latin Quarter in Paris


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