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On Deck

Sewists, Fiber Artists, and Quilters use all kinds of thread - sometimes lots of it. I can usually use one color when doing a lot of sewing, as in piecing, and for that kind of sewing, I like to buy large spools in colors that go with just about any fabric (blend in nicely): cream, beige or light grey.

I played "chicken" the last few days with the last vestiges of a spool of thread that had 5,000 yards. I made lots of quilts using that spool of light grey. Unfortunately, I did not record the date inside like I usually do, so I am guessing it lasted about 2+ years. Sometimes I even thread my bobbins with this thread, so it goes even faster.

On deck was the behemoth of a spool of thread until I started using it this afternoon - 25,000 yards of beige! I gladly marked the inside of the spool with today's date. I will be interested in how long this one will last as I have lots of sewing days ahead of me.

Oh, and besides the basic need for scissors, irons, and fabric, which I love, I also LOVE thread! I even keep a huge Ziplock bag of thread in every color in the rainbow with multiple sizes of spools that are used for many projects, and I typically take the thread bag on retreats for anyone's use (I didn't take it a couple of weeks ago, and I think it was missed).




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