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Ocean Swims!

The most relaxing moments were our ocean swims today. The calm turquoise waters were just the ticket we needed to stretch out our arms and legs to cover a few hundred meters freestyle. That's a combination of the two of us, Olivia swimming more due to her triathlon training.

We also carried in pool noodles, an umbrella, chairs and a cooler of food. We used everything we brought onto the beach, especially floating around on the noodles.

As promised, we had a much more relaxed day enjoying the pristine beaches and taking it easy. Looking back at the photos we took today, it all looks fake; the water, clouds, backdrop. I can assure you it's all real and we've had to practically pinch ourselves that we are here and soaking up the beauty of southern Florida. Plus, I love the Gulf of Mexico. I appreciate the warm ocean water, and even the salt doesn't bother me a lick.

Sunscreen, and gobs of it and reapplying often, plus water are the two most helpful things to keep the fun going all day long. I'd say that Olivia and I are a bit sun-kissed, but not sunburned.




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