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My Debut at 62!

Ha! It's that time of year that every 365 days, one has a birthday! Today, it happens to be "mine." Thank you to all who wished me a Happy Birthday! My heart is swelling with all the good thoughts and well-wishes of the day, all 24 hours. How does 62 happen when I feel 35? I used to say 25, but after 60, I had to add 10 years - it's more accurate for me now.

It’s a sobering fact that I can now collect Social Security. Yep, 62 is the magic number needed to get on the dole (though, the longer you wait to collect, they say, the better - more $$ in the pocketbook).

While celebrating this milestone in the Big Apple was tantalizing and enormous fun zig-zagging through Manhattan, enjoying time with our dear friends Mary Jean and Bob McCarthy on Long Island was the icing on the cake (and they got me one, too, from a favorite NYC bakery - DELICIOUS!).

Now is a good time to reflect on all the good in my life - the exact day of another trip around the sun is teed up. This past year was celebrated with love and kindness in every direction: my/our daughter’s wedding, lots of travel, lots of lap swimming, lots of quilting, catching an English Premier ball at a live game in Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, visits from family and friends near and far, and reacquainting myself with the game of Pickleball, plus many more adventures around the corners I’d say the last lap around the sun was terrific. I hope the next lap will be great, too.

I am wildly blessed and grateful for every second!

PS: I am also thankful to all the veterans and the men and women who sacrificed their lives with enduring respect and reverence while in the United States military to defend our freedoms and way of life for the last few hundred years.

Cheers to 62!



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