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Two nights ago, April 6th, we had a full moon. Meteorologists and star gazers' call this spring equinox moon (which did not fall on full moon rotation on 3/20 - the first official day of Spring) the Pink Moon.

While returning home from an errand right around 8:00 PM, the sky lit up, and the moon shone ever so brightly as I exited the car. I noticed a haze and asked Hubby Bill if he saw the same thing as me or if my contacts were not working correctly. No, they were; there just happened to be some haze encircling the moon with nary a cloud in the sky. Odd, but beautiful in that celestial way.

I blurted out: MoonShine! I then promptly took a photo of the moon, which is shared below. I love the oddities of our world that keep us on our toes - even with a little MoonShine in the sky!




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