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Mid-Atlantic Musings!

Here it is - the end of November on the Gregorian Calendar. Yikes! Most trees are stripped of their colorful leaves and almost barren, but some flowers are still blooming!?

Typically, it’s shiny and bright no matter how cold it gets in the Mid-Atlantic/Maryland, and I love that about this area with many days of pure sunshine. Moving from Northeast Ohio in the mid-1990s to the bubble of the Chesapeake Bay was a huge shift in weather patterns for me and the family. I count going from many winter blizzards to the occasional ones here in Maryland that I basically put away my shovel (I’m not particularly eager to shovel…at all…ever and ever again).

But what has startled me more than anything lately are the cold crisp nights dipping into the 20sF, yet my rose bushes are still kickin’ the blooms around the bush. So many “first frost nights” that never made a difference. I witnessed my “yellow rose of Texas” bush bring up a flower right before my very eyes and bloom in the last day or two. I’m still scratching my head at the power of it all.

I’m pretty sure I have not noticed the flowering of my six+ Knock Out roses and other perennials scattered in my flower beds, or any annuals, keep at their colorful petals a bloomin’ as they are right now - at the end of November! Yikes?

Could this phenomenon be climate change? Is it a one-off? Who knows? Hey, I’m not complaining, but something is off.

Snow is flying across the country in many areas/states, and I wonder if flowers are still producing in those parts. I’d say no, but who knows?




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