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What is your Me-Time? How do you spend a day or an hour to recharge the batteries, especially after a big holiday weekend?

After our last guest left this morning, I took some time to return the house to "normal." Hubby Bill was a huge help with the laundry as I quickly tidied with the vacuum and set up my sewing space (the domestic sewing machine is back on the dining room table, and it is all set to go this week). Yep, NeedleOnFull is in full swing to get out all the T-shirt quilts for Christmas.

Today's Me-Time included reading/napping/and eating leftovers. I also watched an EPL soccer match and the Cleveland Browns football game with my guys. The day was delightful! I rarely allow myself to do this, but I surprisingly loved the zen moments.

I am keeping this post short so I can relax a wee bit more until it all starts back up tomorrow!



The photo below depicts a perfect zen sunset moment from earlier in the week.


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