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Maui Magic

September 9, 2023 - South Shore of Maui with Akimbo Alumni, Betsy Bowen!


Another day in paradise of big white puffy clouds above the Pacific Ocean (pool and “hot tub”), the jungle bathing, Hawaiian food, and the bonds of friendship between old friends and new friends.

Jodie and I are enchanted by the master sea-faring gal, Betsy (our new friend), along with her abundant knowledge of tall ships, navigation and all the stories shared when she circumnavigated the Earth in 1981-1982 on the Romance, captained by the Kimberlys (a husband and wife team). She is writing a book about her adventures on the Romance (built in 1936), connecting many of the leadership roles learned from the sea, the other sailors, Captain Kimberly and all the navigating tools needed (ancient sea-faring ones) to cover Earth’s 31,000 miles.

Our day started out with a hike (run for Jodie) near the beach, a two hour swim & snorkel in the PP (I like to call it that-Pacific Pool), a quick lunch at a Hawaiian restaurant, and later in the day, a hike in the Ioa Valley. It was jungle bathing at its finest, and we were grateful to cool off in a stream in the valley at the end of a magical day.

No turtles spotted today, but I did see lots of fish near the reefs.

More Maui Magic tomorrow.

Also note: Jodie and I have been welcomed by all locals on the island. They need visitors here on Maui. One shopkeeper I chatted up the other day even wrote a little note to me thanking me for coming to Maui. If you have a trip planned, do come. We even snagged a lunch reservation at Mama's Fish House yesterday - it's usually a year wait to get in.



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