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March Fourth to Something New

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

As Ellen Degeneres plays the game, "Never have I ever," with her guests on occasion, I did a brand new thing today. When I turned 50, I wanted to try new things, primarily different foods. Adventure and travel were always a part of the equation for that decade.

Turning 60 last fall, with Covid in the critical mode of rising cases, trying new things was shelved for the moment. My friend Mary Jean McCarthy, and her husband Bob, spent the night with us at our home for a long-overdue visit. They also had other weekend plans, but MJ, as she is affectionately called, wanted us to get our fingernails done at a local salon.

I must admit, never have I ever had a professional manicure in my life! I didn't know what to expect, but I know plenty of others, including my husband and daughter, who have had many through the years though never raved on about their rendered services.

So, I didn't think getting a manicure was a big deal. Today, I found out for myself what secret I've been missing all these years. A manicure is a relaxing finger message with paint. I even heard that a pedicure is perhaps slightly more relaxing, but I'll stick with my fingers for now.

Vic, the high-energy young lady technician who took good care of me, explained every step of the way in great detail. I noticed the other customers listening in on our conversation—actually giggling— at this "older woman" getting her nails done for the very first time. They probably thought, "Oh Lordy."

Frankly, I was intrigued by the entire process. Moreover, with all the bells and whistles (files of every stripe and size, clippers, fans, soapy water, various small jars of who-knows-what with tiny brushes and butter cream moisturizer) they had at their stations was all so crazy to me. All that to use on 10 fingernails! Vic even gave my hands and every finger a massage! Is that standard? I do not know.

The entire hour was terrific. I'm not sure how long the paint, ahem, polish, will last on my nails, but I don't care. They are just fine for today. And now I know what I've been missing all these years. I think I'll go back sometime.




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