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Little Pink Dress

Many women have at least one LBD or a Little Black Dress in their wardrobe. It's a go-to for many occasions - formal and not so formal. Perhaps the opposite of an LBD would be a Little Pink Dress or LPD. The pink (fushia) dress I wore to Olivia and Bo's June reception is my favorite dress. I am not even ashamed to say I've worn it on previous occasions and didn't purchase a new dress for the June soiree. Why? It fits nicely, it is my favorite color, and I feel good when I put it on. What's not to like?

My goal was to find something, a new dress, on our trip earlier this spring. However, due to our schedule, there was not enough time to traipse through boutiques or stores and try stuff on. I knew my good old standby was waiting for me when I got home. I saw it peeking out of the other dresses, almost trying to get my attention, when I opened the closet upon my return. The pink dress just had to be the one.

The photos below show the pink dress in action with the family and candids. I can't wait to wear it again!




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