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Learning and Leveling Up in 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Transcending the Great Resignation with @sethgodin and Chip Conley was one of the best hours I’ve spent this week in the new year. These two go way back to their days as MBA students at Stanford. Their initial banter and ease with each other sealed for me to get comfortable in my seat for the next hour.

They poured out the gold!

I loved how their deep friendship spanning both coasts continues to this day. They reaffirmed that wisdom workers and the willing to serve others is how we can build a legacy in our work lives, as well as our personal lives, bar none.

Here are some takeaways I took while taking notes (I can rewatch it to get the nuggets I might have missed too), Here’s the link: Seth Godin & Chip Conley’s LinkedIN event 1/8/2022

  • Be a Modern Elder

  • See and be seen

  • Boomers have defined the whole world in the last 50 years

  • Rituals make a difference

  • Love Your Passion

  • Live Your Passion

  • Celebrate meaning and purpose

  • Be Purposeful

  • Be Curious

  • Stay Curious

  • Ship Your Work Give back

Soft skills build resilience, while curiosity builds value. Be resilient and valuable as much as we can.

Last gold nugget was from Chip: “Don’t be a victim of the media, instead, create the culture.”



Chip Conley & Seth Godin
Chip Conley & Seth Godin


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