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It's Time - Audiobook of The Focused Fight is in Process

There has been a lot of interest in my book, The Focused Fight, which was released in e-book and paperback in March of 2021. I am thrilled I am helping one person/one family at a time with hope and inspiration with their own medical journeys, not necessarily cancer.

I am truly thankful for how far this book, along with me and my family, has come since publication. It's been a nice ride. However, one thing is missing, and that is an audio version of the book.

Good news, I started recording it on 7/11/23 and still have a way to go yet. But I am muscling it every day (or so) to get 'er done. Frankly, the whole project has been one HUGE learning curve. Not only am I learning the nuances of recording in my voice with reflection and pace and tone, but the application I am using - Audacity - plus editing and learning decibels and a whole bunch more. I am willing and prepared to do the best job I can for any future listeners of audiobooks.

For giggles and grins, I decided to add a two-minute clip to this blog post today. Please be warned it is a RAW version, not edited yet. But you may get the tone and pace of what I am trying to achieve. From time to time, I may add a few minutes of audio for your "listening" pleasure as I march down this path of recording.

Thanks for listening!



Photo credit: Unplash

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