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International Quilting Weekend

Tomorrow is National Quilting Day, but today, March 17, begins International Quilting Weekend! In The Quilt Show Newsletter, the opening paragraph mentioned how we could celebrate with our sewing sisters around the globe by displaying a quilt, visiting a quilt museum, or making a quilt for a cause. The NL also encouraged shopping at quilt shops and watching episodes of The Quilt Show.

Number 3 has my name on it. Right now, I am in the midst of creating a quilt for Special Love Inc.'s 40th Anniversary with T-shirts dating back to the first camp in 1983 started by Tom and Sheila Baker, who lost their daughter, Julie, to Leukemia a few years before.

The foundation has been helping families ever since. Special Love's programming has exploded throughout the years with weekend events, the two camps, Camp Fantastic and BRASS, and so much more.

The quilt I'm working on will be auctioned off at the June gala—more details to come.

In the meantime, another event right around the corner is the Mattie Miracle Foundation annual walk and raffles in May of 2023. I love the mission of MMF for their help in the psycho-social realm of childhood cancer and for supporting Child Life Specialists in local hospitals in the DMV. I am creating a child-size quilt for their raffle and a couple of small tote bags.



The quilt is only a top -it is not quilted yet, and the photo does not do it justice (like many other things we all take photos of...)


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