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Iam Tongi at Ram's Head Annapolis

Son Ryan has an uncanny way of predicting winners/champions of various long-season sports (hockey/basketball/soccer) and, most recently, winners of American Idol or The Voice. When the last winner of American Idol in May 2023, Iam Tongi, sang his audition song, Ryan turned to me and said, that kid could win the whole thing. A few months later, his prediction came true.

While in Hawaii a month ago, Ryan sent a message to me stating Hawaiian native Iam Tongi would be playing at a venue near us and wondered if he should buy tickets. With the spirit of the islands in my heart and Hawaiian music in my head, I said, "YES!" A couple of days later, he bought the tickets for the show that was tonight in Annapolis- and in the front row to boot! I love the smaller venues where the artists interact with the audience, and their sweat/spit fly all over the place.

A guy named Nelson was the warm-up act and was excellent. Apparently, he tried out on The Voice in Season 3 but didn't get out of his knockout stage. If that was the case, the competition is very tough on these shows!

It was a packed crowd of people of all ages (over 21, though) seated at tables of four/six, or eight. I noticed couples, mothers/daughters, singles, and like us, mothers/sons. Everyone was having a good time singing and clapping along with the music that snuck its way into our collective souls. Fun!





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