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Holding 29 for Two More Hours

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

"The Best Daughter," AKA Olivia, will be blowing out 30 candles tomorrow, and she is hanging on to her 20s for a couple of more hours. Don't you think there is something special in these milestone years ending in a zero?

Olivia's grandfather, my dad, used to hold his "advancing" years on the 9. He didn't like admitting turning the next decade's number. In fact, he must have been 39 for 30 years because that's what he told anyone who asked him his age. No one challenged him so I take it most people believed whatever age he told them.

Isn't it proud that we recognize any birthday in our lives, whether our own, loved ones, or friends? We love them no matter the age - it's only a number, right?

The photo below was taken over the weekend at a DC restaurant. A-hold-onto-celebration at 29, if you will (and Bill and Ryan before heading to a Washington Capitals Hockey game).




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