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Guess Who’s 29?

There's no clowning around on Ryan turning 29 today! Okay, maybe there is because humor goes a long way for just about every thing. The lead photo was taken in 2002, his second year at Camp Fantastic when he was 7 turning 8. He's always turning another number of birthdays at CF! How-How, my brave son! He is now giving back to the camp that kept him going and inspired to fight fight fight for over 20+ years!!

And Camp Fantastic is the best week of the year, according to the birthday boy and many more campers who know the power of the people there.

I love this kid to the sun, moon, and the highest stars in the galaxy...and back! That's a tonnage of a mother's love ❤️ for sure.

So, for thousands of people who helped restore Ryan to good health and perhaps scratching their heads on this day because they saw his name and birth date cross by their computer screens time and time again, and may even wonder how he's doing, yes he is 29!

And...we THANK YOU 😊!

Bonus, I finally finished the recording of The Focused Fight last night! It was a goal to complete before Ryan's birthday, though there's still a bunch of work in editing before publication on various platforms. I'll keep you posted.

bSoleille with heartfelt gratitude,


Photos: 1) Ryan in 2002, 2) Alex Ovechkin &Ry at Georgetown University Hospital, 3) family with "Manufacturing Sunshine Quilt," 4) Olivia &Ry at a Special Love gala, 5) Ryan, Ovechkin and owner, Ted Leonsis, of the Washington Capitals NHL team and Stanley Cup champions in 2018, 6) with Dr. Aziza Shad, 7) Bill & Ry at a Caps game, 8) recent Thanksgiving in Crofton, 9) March of 2021 when TFF was published, 10) catching up with Ry today at the 4-H Center in Front Royal climbing wall during Camp Fantastic, 11) it's been (4) years since and the welcome sign before driving up the mountain, and 12) Ryan in his happy place on his birthday- Camp Fantastic ♥️


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