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Gdańsk, Sopot & Gdynia

After a whirlwind trip to the Baltic Sea Tri-City area, I’m strapped in the backseat of my cousin Zbyszek’s KIA, ready to relax for the next 3.5 hours. My other cousin, Anna, is riding shotgun as we head south towards Ostrów Maziewiecka.

Despite any language barriers we’ve gotten along famously. It helped that several of the Gdansk family we visited spoke English fairly well. I love being immersed into the language and culture though. I’m picking up the Polish fast, understanding more each day. It’s more difficult to speak, but I always try.

The Baltic Sea area is filled with large (new) hotels, restaurants and entertainment for all to enjoy the fresh air. It’s a must do vacation destination for couples and families all over Poland. I was here in 1977 for one it two days, but remember very little. It’s changed quite dramatically - many new buildings and greater wealth in its citizenry to partake in the amenities offered.

In all three seaside cities, I never heard any English speakers (not even from the UK). And there were a lot of people on a sunny but cool Sunday.

A huge (duźy) shout of thanks to Gabrielle for hosting me, Anna, and Zbyszek this weekend. She has a lovely flat in a nice area of Gdańsk. Also a shout out to Basia and Peter, who live a little north in Gdynia, for the delicious dinner before we had to get on the road.

Lastly, the day, and daylight last long here. It was bright shining sunlight at 4:54 am with setting of the big ball of fire well after 8:30pm. I sleep like a baby every night.

And the cemeteries are different in Europe. I plan to write a separate post about them, adding now that we started out our day at the gravesite of my cousin Marek (Gabrielle’s husband and Zbyszek’s brother who passed away two years ago).

Na zdrowie!


I will load more later when I'm back on WiFi.


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