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Day 8 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Terri&Bill

Day 8 of CCAM and the gold nugget is exercise! Getting out for even a little walk (a big, er long one, even better), no matter the diagnosis or trauma in anyone’s life is beneficial to overall health to keep caregiving.

Caregivers take a beating; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some form of exercise can take the edge off a stressful moment, a stressful hour, or a stressful day. Most of us have been there.

Years ago, when I was running and training for a race/marathon, I tried to get in my runs and miles whenever I could sneak them in (usually early morning when home). Sometimes I could get out and run outside while we were hospitalized with Ryan, down to the Lincoln Memorial and back to Georgetown (5 miles total). When Ryan’s case was too intense, and I couldn’t get outside the hospital walls to run, I’d walk the hallways on the 5th floor.

The release of stress by the action of simply walking, even while on the hospital floor as my/our son was receiving cancer treatment, made a world of difference once I got back into his room. I promise that a walk of 5 minutes can help you get through almost anything.

Once I had those endorphins released for a short time, I knew I could/would be a better caregiver even on those relentless days. Our minds, probably more than our bodies, need that small break.

Any type of exercise can be the key, or the gold nugget, to relieve built stress.



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