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Day 32 - Cleveland, Ohio

Adjusted Adventure in an Accord

It’s time for me to get home. I am slowly making my way East as my epic trip is a fabulous memory now.

Tomorrow I meet up with my James Ford High School gals for dinner to celebrate all milestone birthdays. We have also made trips to celebrate our birthdays/friendships in the last several years.

This year the gang is headed to Lake Chautauqua in New York for a couple of days. Due to my extensive trip over the past 32 days, I will only meet for dinner this year in Cleveland.

Today, though, I met with lifelong friends Bill and Colleen Gawne. We started out meeting for lunch; I joined them for the rest of the afternoon at their lovely home. Their daughter, Jordan, also hung out with us for a couple of hours.

If you have ever watched HGTV and the shows on house renovation, that is Bill and Colleen. They thrive on initial chaos as they hone their craft of seeing the grandeur of any home they work on for months. They also have an uncanny knack for color, repurposing items, and adding a little striking whimsy (bowling alley dining room table, anyone?!) that would humble even Chip and Joanna Gaines of Magnolia fame.

Bill and Colleen, home reno hobbyists, meticulously and painstakingly do almost all the work, from staining wood and installing flooring to shopping for vintage items to redoing their patio(s) and everything else in between; let me add, there is a lot of in-between! From what I have seen, the end result is not for the faint of heart. Plus, they have a laundry list of more home renovations on their 1.9-acre property. Phew!

I am a huge fan of whatever they do because their home is warm and inviting - especially the loft that turned into Bill’s office! We sat up there like birds on a wire for a couple of hours shooting the breeze and catching up with our lives! Oh, by the way, to get up to the loft, there is an old library ladder to climb up to the "perch."




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