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Day 24 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Olivia Tomoff!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Sibling Issues. It's a thing.

It's Day 24 of CCAM. I am proud to introduce the sibling experience, and there is no one better than my/our daughter, Olivia, to do the honors of sharing her gold or what it’s like to be a sibling to a cancer patient/survivor.

Olivia hits the highlights, from knowing the cancer landscape in age-appropriate terms to BRASS camp to serving on the board of JustTryanIt (a childhood cancer organization).

It’s unfortunate, but sibling issues get little attention in the childhood cancer orbit. Hospitals, organizations, or camps that can provide a respite for all the kids who see their siblings struggling (even dying), are a great and wise investment for their futures. Please keep the siblings in your thoughts and prayers when you can. A call or text (age appropriate) will put pep into their step that someone outside the immediate family is thinking of them. Even better, a card, note, or a small gift will go a long way! I guarantee it.

We are thankful that Olivia found her niches; in academics, sports, and sibling camps during her formative years. I hope most kids like Olivia and thousands of others like her find the attention and curiosity satisfied. At the same time, their cancer sibling fights incredible battles in the hospitals and on the homefront, where siblings can feel helpless more often than not.

Maybe we can try to Manufacture Sunshine for the steadfast siblings in our world.




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