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#CelebratingOthers with International Women's Day!

My word for 2024 is CELEBRATE. It has served me well for the past two months and into March. Every day, there is something to celebrate - heck, I start it off by waking up to the dawn of a new day! Yep, it is not too shabby to celebrate that fact.

As a woman, is it me or a bit of a shame that since half of the world is a woman, we only get one day to celebrate? In my head, from now on, it will be every day. Plus, there are countries that still keep women in the back seat! Believe it or not, there are places in this big bad world where women can't run (meaning NOT ALLOWED!). For the last several years, this dynamo lady, Tracey Higgenbotham, started a run for those who can't and are not allowed to run free. I love this initiative (but I still feel bad for those who still cannot get out the door for even a quick run around the neighborhood).

Closer to home, and with my Fiber Artist Sisters from seven different Quilt Guilds in Maryland, we had the chance to celebrate our creations last night with a reception at the Federal Courthouse in Greenbelt, Maryland. It's a lovely atrium space that showcases over 50 beautiful quilts using many techniques, colors, and sizes. This year I was lucky to have two entered quilts, along with several of my guild mates. Since I cluelessly left my phone in the car and didn't want to leave when I realized I did not have it, I "borrowed" two of my sewing sister's phones to take photos and share with you today in this space.

Before sharing a few photos, I'd also love to wish all my international Women Friends a great day (every day!) whom I have met through the various writing platforms, my travels, and my cousins/family in Poland!

Photo info: 1) Me - Polka Dot Pinwheels; 2) Barbara Dahlberg - Go and Look at a Cow; 3) Maryland Quilts 2024; 4) Janet Freitag - Dr. Luigi and Mrs. Bean's Psychedelic Wedding Doona (means comforter...I asked); 5) Barbara Dahlberg - Autumn Ikebana; 6) Me - Sweet Pea; 7) Guild member Lidia Carrera's Brilliant Diamonds. Lidia died suddenly two weeks ago and helped hang this show. I, along with a few others, had lunch with her on Sunday of our Feb. quilt retreat, and she was FINE (we are all grieving her loss in the quilting world in Maryland - may she RIP); 9) the crowd on the first floor of the atrium.


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