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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Bucklebee Bags!

My quilt guild's program chair, Debbi Carter, is doing a fantastic job of getting great speakers! Today (last night - I had trouble posting) was no different with Joan Radell of and her take on tools from a simple needle made by someone from 60,000 years ago to our machines (and who patented it), as well as the tools needed to hone our sewing skills today.

Joan's pop-up shop with many different tools and her hour-long presentation was popular tonight. Joan began her sewing career by creating handbags and patterns and now helping fiber artists with a well-thought-out "toolbox," plus her lectures and teaching classes. Her calling card says, "better tools for better sewing."

The coat I have on in the photos below was made by Joan, though the pattern is not hers. She sells out her classes at shows in creating a one-of-a-kind coat!

It was a fun night!




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