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My word for 2024 will be Celebrate. It’s a great word for me (and was my word in 2022 as well) because we can celebrate just about anything. From micro-moments to the big moments, it’s time to celebrate on any scale that matters. Shout out to my good friend, Lisa Speckman, who not only likes a word of the year, but the blessings that occurred, as in 23 good things in 2023 (later this week I'll do my list).

So, when there is a dynamic sunset, I shout and clap and ask everyone in the house to join me in taking a looksie - even for 10 seconds. #micromoments. Bigger things like graduations, weddings, or a new baby - yep, it’s time to #celebrate! that too.

For me, Celebrate is the gold medal in the All-Around category; it never goes out of style!

And I’m going to Celebrate that!

Did you decide on a word for this year?



Photo of something I picked up at a thrift store recently for $2.50!


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