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Busted BB Brackets in the NCAA Men's Tournament?

I'm not alone in saying that a lot of people had busted brackets in the men's college hoop championships, AKA March Madness, most likely early on. Once the team I had to win the tournament bowed out early, I did not pay as close attention to the action...until I was at the top of the leaderboard.

Who would have thought? Certainly not me. With a small group of a dozen or so folks that my son Ryan put together, I was the only one who picked UConn to go; as Chris Berman used to say on ESPN during football games, " he (UConn in this instance). is. going. all. the. way," except I had picked Kentucky for the big win instead of last night's final between UConn (winner) and San Diego State.

Ryan and I watched the second half, and he couldn't figure out how or why I had selected UConn to go through. Well, for one thing, two teams needed to do that to get to the Championship round (and final 4), and the second thing, is that I like the Husky mascot of UConn. The cute Husky mascot reminded me of our Loo-c-Loo, a husky-lab mix that lived for almost 12 years. She was a beaut!

Picking the mascot worked this time for the big pool win! ha!



Unsplash - photo by Tom Briskey


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